Having troubles with your own Nylas App? We recommend you to read this developer guide.


  • After you create an integration do not forget to add it to a channel, Otherwise, you will not see an email or message integration in Inbox.

Revoke Google app

  • After removing your Nylas-Gmail or Gmail account from Erxes you will also need to revoke your Erxes app Google App permissions.

Password Encryption

In Outlook, Yahoo, IMAP providers your password needs to be encrypted so following configs are required before you create an account.


Nylas IMAP

Before you add IMAP account please make sure that you already config ENCRYPTION KEY, ALGORITHM here.

When you create the IMAP account check you entered correct values for example:


  • Before you use Gmail integration please make sure that you enter correct GOOGLE TOPIC, GOOGLE GMAIL SUBSCRIPTION NAME it should be single string otherwise you will get invalid_format error.
  • Permission Denied, when creating or checking Google Topic and Subscription make sure your service account has owner role in IAM & Admin -> IAM.

  • If you are not receiving any emails, please check you add Grant Publish Topic right to [email protected] in IAM & Admin -> IAM -> Add.

  • When the Integration repository starts it will automatically create a topic and subscription for syncing, receiving emails. But if you have not configured your system environment you might see the following error - Google Cloud Getting started

7 PERMISSION_DENIED: User not authorized to perform this action.

To fix the above error set the following variable to your environment.

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/Path/to/your/[google_cred].json"
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