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Welcome to the erxes plugin - use guide!

Hello 👋

Welcome to the erxes plugin - turtorial, the open source of the Hubspot/Qualtrics alternative with many more!

erxes is an open-source experience operating system (XOS) that enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences that work for all types of business.


We also have our SaaS version as well as Enterprise Edition. Get started with erxes with SaaS version ! Try out a live demo!

erxes is composed of 2 main components: XOS & Plugins

erxes XOS

It contains the project's core, or I would say the infrastructure of the erxes software. You can find the admin panel and the code that runs different plugins. The operating system has default utility features that allow users to customize, improve speed, and enhance the experience when using choices plugins/features.

Technically you can not do anything with erxes XOS on its own without plugins, even though it is the core infrastructure of your erxes project.


erxes plugins contains a wide range of concept, which are:

  • Plugins can play a major role as feature that can independently operate to fulfill their purposes.

You can create your own plugin using the guideline and place it on our marketplace to generate more income for yourself.


Add-ons are the sub-features/integrations that can work with plugins to enhance the experience of plugins.

All plugins and add-ons are available on our marketplace for you to learn and install after you’ve finished installing erxes XOS if you’re on the self-hosted version or you’ll have it already if you're on our SaaS version.


Want to join the community?

You can join GitHub, Community forum, and Discord to share your ideas and opinions with other community members and members of the erxes team. If you're looking for news and updates about erxes, Twitter and the blog are the places to start!


Service includes all services related to creating your unique experiences with erxes.

Developing your own plugins

With erxes, you can create your own plugins or extend the existing ones, which would help you to enhance your experience and increase your revenue by adding the value on your products/services or selling it on our our marketplace.This guideline will help you to develop your own plugins.

And we always appreciate your help improving our existing plugins by contributing on our open codebase We believe that people who contribute to a project are the main drivers who push a project forward. erxes core project, the documentation, and any related tool can be found in the erxes on GitHub.

🤗 Come along your erxes journey with us!