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Welcome to the erxes user guide!

This user guide contains the functional documentation related to erxes XOS and all plugins available at the erxes marketplace.


erxes is an open-source Hubspot/Qualtrics alternative that enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences for their entire business that work for most industries. It's a secure, self-hosted, and scalable open-source experience operating system (XOS), which you can learn more about it on this documentation.

Before going any further into this user guide, we recommend you acknowledge the main concepts below. They will help you to understand how erxes work and ensure a smooth experience with erxes.

License & Pricing

Pricing plan

erxes provides 3 different packages for our clients, which include:

  1. A self-hosted version that is suitable for SaaS providers or enterprises operating in highly regulated industries, like insurance, mobile network providers, banking and etc. As it is self-hosted, you must ensure you and your organization have a skilled DevOps person/team to look after the server to maintain the smooth operation of your erxes operating system daily. As an erxes user, you can choose between using the Community Edition, which is entirely free, or paid plan of the Enterprise Edition.

  2. SaaS version that is suitable for small to medium enterprises who want to leave all your tech-related work to us and only focus on your main operation that is non-technical. Pricing is super simple in that you can get access to erxes for free and use it as long as you want as an individual. Then as your business grows, you can only pay for what you need, rather than having a bunch of junk that comes within the package.

  3. An infrastructure version is for is the best choice for starting a platform business. You can white-label the design or change every line of code to make it work for you, and this is where you can leverage erxes core plugins, components, and enterprise features to power your entire platform business that includes some of the very specific, high-level paid plugins.

Visit our pricing page to get more information, as you must carefully decide which version is most suitable for you and your organization. And whichever version you choose, we promise to change how your businesses grow by delivering breakthrough value to our clients and community.

Documentation and tutorials

Erxes have Resource Center where you find everything you need to optimize how you work with erxes.

  • Developer documentation is for developers, SaaS providers, and digital marketing agencies that all you need to do is get erxes up and running & developing your own project and plugins.
  • User guide is for everyone who wants to use erxes to create their own experience and get the most out of settings, configuration & usage of plugins.

erxes XOS & Plugins

erxes is composed of 2 main components: XOS & Plugins

XOS: It contains the project's core. You can find the admin panel and the code that runs different plugins. The operating system comes with utility features that allow users to customize, improve speed, and enhance the experience along with plugins/features. Plugins: erxes has a set of plugins that allow you to create unique customer experiences. Below is a list of some plugins you can choose from our website after you’ve finished installing erxes XOS:

  • Team Inbox - Combine real-time client and team communication with in-app messaging, live chat, email, and form, so your customers can reach you however and whenever they want.
  • Messenger - Enable businesses to capture every single customer feedback and educate customers through knowledge-base right from the erxes Messenger.
  • Sales Management - Easy and clear sales funnels allow you to control your sales pipeline from one responsive field by precisely analyzing your progress and determining your next best move for success.
  • Lead generation - Turn regular visitors into qualified leads by capturing them with a customizable landing page, forms, pop-ups, or embed placements.
  • Engage - Start converting your prospects into potential customers through email, SMS, messenger, or more interactions to drive them to a successful close.
  • Contact Management - Access our all-in-one CRM system in one go, so it’s easier to coordinate and manage your customer interactions.
  • Knowledgebase - Educate your customers and staff by creating a help center related to your brands, products, and services to reach a higher level of satisfaction.
  • Task Management - Create a more collaborative, self-reliant, and cross-linked team. See more on our website.

Well, I’ll stop here as you can learn more about erxes along with your journey with us. I hope it helped you to make up your mind, and you should be ready to start your erxes experience!