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This feature will help you to see the performance of different brands or products & services of your organizations as well as manage dedicated team workload and customer interactions effectively.

With Brands, you can do...

With the Brands, you manage their multi-brand channels the most efficiently. erxes is the only Marketing software that can provide this brilliant feature to enterprises.


Brands will play a massive role in the most of the plugins erxes provides because even if you don’t have multiple brands, you can still use Brands for other reasons. For example, erxes have two different brands named erxes Inc and erxes Mongolia to distinguish between international and local customers to custom target them and absorb marketing data.

With brands, you can use:

  • Permission: create permission to work in each brand
  • Invite team members: invite members dedicated to each brand
  • Messenger: Integrate messenger to the right brand so that a dedicated team will be answering
  • Form: Integrate the form under the right brand so it will be delivered to the dedicated team
  • Knowledge Base: Create Knowledge Base also for the right brand.

Creating your brands

The Brands can be found in the settings section on the bottom left side of the screen. By selecting the tab, you will be able to access it.

where to find brands

Step one. Creating your brands

create brand