This section focuses on explaining the different types of plugins and how to install and manage plugins. At this moment, we have 30+ plugins available on our marketplace right now, and more plugins will be added daily. erxes plugins contain a wide range of concepts at erxes that can play a major role as features that can independently operate to fulfill their purposes.

  • Every default erxes XOS code comes with the following pre-installed plugins, which are essential for your erxes XOS can function and cannot be uninstalled, though technically you can not do anything with them on their own. So you need to install additional plugins available at erxes marketplace from erxes global profile.

From the admin panel, administrators are allowed to:

  • discover plugins and providers in the Marketplace
  • review the currently installed plugins and providers in Plugins


Providers are the companies or individuals who developed and placed the particular plugins at erxes Marketplace.

Team Inbox

The Inbox allows you to deliver more personalized and relevant experiences to your customers on all channels. Purpose of its functionality, inbox has to work with many other apps and softwares to receive the customer conversations in single inbox, which we have to highlights it specifically to explain how it works.

With Inbox, you can do... With Inbox, you can bring all inboxes to one place and manage all your engagements from a single responsive dashboard, increase productivity and improve customer experience with real-time messaging and live chat, and save time by setting up email templates for client requests.

  • All your customer inquiry channels into one inbox It will help you segment your emails and organize them by brands, channels, integrations, and tags. It will help you see all the conversations happening across your entire business in one place.
  • Clear view with segments You`ll be able to reach your customers on any channel they prefer, including messaging apps and social accounts, live chat, email, and phone calls.
  • Ticket box for unsolved cases Create channels and assign users to them. Organize tickets by labels to determine how urgent they are, and create tasks for your team members to carry out.
  • Monitor on all sorts of analytics erxes provide Included with a data analytics solution that helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's customer service and make better and more productive decisions about your customers in order to retain them.

Features works with Inbox Inbox is the only plugin that has to work with additional features, which serves for its functionality.

Introduction to add-ons

Add-ons are the sub-features/integrations that can work with plugins to enhance the experience of plugins.

All plugins and add-ons are available on our marketplace for you to learn and install after you’ve finished installing erxes XOS if you’re on the self-hosted version or you’ll have it already if you're on our SaaS version.

Below are the add-ons developed by erxes to work with Inbox plugin.

LogoName of Add-onsDescription
FormsWe provide many ready-to-use pop-ups and forms for you to create the ones which will fit your website design.
MessengerYou can customize the look and feel of your messenger's logo on the website and add links to auto-reply sections.
BookingsThe plugin is to streamline the booking procedure through automation to keep everything flowing productively.
FB messengerReceive all your FB messenger in your inbox and respond directly from your inbox.
FB postsGet all the comments and reactions on your posts within your inbox and reply directly.
CallProIf you are using CallPro services, you can integrate it into your erxes project.
Video callHave face to face video chat while communicating through erxes Messenger.
Company BrandingYou can customize your erxes access page and admin panel according to your company branding.

Introduction to services

erxes support team will provide the following services to the starters.

SaaS versionSupport ServiceThese services provide the necessary support to ensure your business operates technology efficiently and safely. Many departments use these services, such as human resources, customer service, accounting departments, and managers.$20/monthly
Customer Success ConsultingFrom creating comprehensive small business marketing strategies to performing overall business check-ups, customer success consultants can help your company shine.$40/monthly
Onboarding FoundationsSequences of training sessions will help you to onboard on your erxes XOS peacefully. We especially work on your organization's unique cases.$200/one-time
Setup ServiceGet technical help provided by erxes DevOps engineers to set you up at once; that includes the following: - Data import - Event tracking config - Widget installation - Webhooks - AWS SES Setup - Script Installation$50/one-time
Open-Source versionDeployment serviceGet your erxes deployed on your server by our DevOps engineers saving your valuable time to work on your own project.$200/one-time
Facebook integrationHave your Facebook account integrated into your erxes Inbox by our DevOps engineers at once saving you valuable time.$150/one-time
Version update serviceEnsure you use the latest version of erxes at all times by having the Version update service delivered by erxes DevOps engineers.$39/monthly
Advanced SupportAdvances consist of guided service provided by inbound consultants. We assist you in creating the best solutions for your unique use cases.$250/monthly $2,230/annually
Premium supportPremium support consists of guided service delivered by inbound consultants. We assist you in creating the best solutions for your unique use cases.$1,500/monthly $13,385/annually

Introduction to power-ups

As a SaaS user, you’ll have limited usage of some plugins available for our free plan, then you can increase your usage for each plugin depending on your needs with power-ups. Benefits of having power-ups, you’ll power up your usage according to your needs rather than having paid junk of plugins you need, which comes within the package.

Plugin categoryPower-ups for Free planPower-ups for $5
Plugins5000 contacts+ 5000 contacts
1 automations+ 1 automations
2 ticket pipeline / ticket management5 ticket pipeline / ticket management
1 client portal+ 1 client portal
2 task Pipeline / project management5 task Pipeline / project management
1 erxes Messenger5 erxes Messenger
Chat supportChat support
1 booking5 booking
2 sales Pipeline / deal Management5 sales Pipeline / deal Management
1 team member5 team member
5 popups & forms+ 5 popups & forms
2 growth hacking pipeline / growth hacking planner5 growth hacking pipeline / growth hacking planner
3 reports5 reports
3 segments5 segments
Add-ons1 brandUnlimited brands
1 callpro
1 account with 3 Organizations+ 1 Organization
5,000 emails/month+ 5,000 emails/month
500 phone number verifications/month+ 500 phone number verifications/month
1 audio and video calling
10GB storage20x20GB storage
5x5 event tracking
500 email verifications/month5000 email verifications

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